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Number 80 Pinata 1ct
Number 80 Pinata 1ctNumber 80 Pinata 1ct

Numbers Pinatas

Number 80 Pinata 1ct

Number 80 Pinata 

40in x 60in x9in

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Product Details 

Celebrate your 80th birthday with a big party with all your friends and family!

Eighty years old is the best time to be, our Number 80 Pinata is the best for the party, 

because of her size  enough

To fill with everything you want, also the best materials and the vivid colors to illuminate your celebration 

A great Pinata you conveniently can bring along to any party!

Number 80 Pinata

  • You can use the Number 80 Pinata as a decorative piece, or even use it to decorate the cake table. 
  • Piñata holds up to 10 pounds treats.
  • Arty7  Pinatas are made of polystyrene 
  • Measure 20in x26in x9in
  • Color yellow, red, purple, silver and pink 


  • Paper, paperboard and polystyrene

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